Solving World's Hunger for Artificial Intelligence

#1 Enterprise AI Advisory

#2 AI Research

#3 Philanthropy

We are engineers and our job is to engineer AI and Deep Learning success with CEOs / Chair(wo)man of companies.

We work with core engineering teams to train, solve and develop solutions in Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and more.

Writting cutting edge and even bleeding edge research that dramatically improves the current models is our sole goal.

Taking these research out of the labs and giving it a spin in the real world with enterprises is our purpose!

The world of employment is broken. Youth in Europe are underemployed and the unemployment is a curse no one talks about which is as high as 25%!

AI could potentially destroy more jobs and that's why we want to fight it by teaching anyone and everyone to code.


We won't stop!

“Artificial Intelligence is the dawn of a new era. It almost seems like I am living in the 1890s when electricity, photography, motion cameras, aviation and so much was being developed. Inventors were running around the globe showcasing their inventions and there was a mad rush rto publish papers as well as law suits to prevent others to get into the space. While much seems like those times, the internet is making it possible for us to share and learn together. We want to be the ones who share because we want AI for everyone!”

- Tarry Singh founder and CEO,


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